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We’re Pie Tap’s Cool ‘Lil Bro. Simply said we’re a deck oven slice + pie shop with urban pizza grit. Pie Lovers Sharing a Passion! Check out our selection of wines, frozen drinks, and craft beer on tap and in bottles.

Over 300 years ago, our dough recipe was born.  Since then, it’s been a carefully guarded secret, passed down from generation to generation.  The recipe is now ours to keep and protect.  But, the crust that it yields, is yours to enjoy.  Just don’t ask us to share the secret of the legendary dough.  If we told you, it wouldn’t be legendary. 

Legendary dough. Unbelievable pizza!


Doughn't Say a Word...

At PT Neighborhood Pizzeria we obsess over our pizza dough, which we make daily using only 4 ingredients (Flours, Water, Salt, EVOO), no sugar added and aged for 96 hours. Natural Fermentation, No Commercial Yeast.